Our Team

A pastry chef by trade, she's the one responsible for all the baked goods the guys love now, but hate ten pounds later. Having a car built? She'll be taking your money.

Jenn's husband, Jet Mechanic by day, muscle car aficianado by night. He can be found in the shop on saturdays as well as after is "normal job" fixing private jets for big wigs in Orange County.

about barry white

A Veterinary Tech by trade, Jenn handles all the Promotional, Advertising, and Graphics. She's the business end of anything promotional for Barry's Speed Shop.

Rebecca White

Mike Fitzsimmons

Jenn White-Fitzsimmons

When Barry started fixing his friends hot rods in his garage in 1985, he had no idea it would open doors and turn into a career. His attention to detail and eye for styling lead customers to his door. Out of space in the garage, he decided to take his growing business to a bigger facility. 

In 2000 Barry built a yellow roadster named "Impact" for a good customer, the plan was to debut it at the Grand National Roadster Show in Sacramento, CA with hopes of brining home the coveted America's Most Beautiful Roadster trophy. Being crowned the AMBR winner is a highlight of Barry's staggering list of award winning rides.

Barry and his crew are currently building, repairing, and maintaining award winning Hot Rods and Muscle Cars in his 10,000 square foot facility in Corona, CA.

Visitors are always welcome to stop by and check out our showroom and the shop.


Adam Ramsey

He's in it for the long haul. One of our longest running employees he's seen everything from a cracked radiator to a blown transmission and he takes it all in stride.